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Stand: Concept Room 2

Address : Calle Madrazo 83 Entl. 2ª
City : Barcelona
Country : Spain
Web :

The team of Tarruella Trenchs Studio is known for creating spaces that evoke emotions. Each project is taken as a new challenge, interpreting the needs and desires of the client, and where we look into the future without forgetting to review and respect the past. The studio has extensive experience in developing restaurant projects, both in the design process and in the management of the business, an added value of the firm, as well as in hospitality, commercial, ephemeral and office projects.

At interihotel they will present the Zen Traveler Concept Room to show a user´s experience, where it is possible to awaken the five senses using the most innovative technology in combination with the use of traditional materials that refer to an authentic and original characteristic. In this space, the user can disconnect from its busy pace to enjoy a comfortable environment. A place to practice meditation or yoga in silence, thus taking care of a person´s well-being. The space is characterized by its simplicity, yet it highlights the quality of the elements and the harmony among the different environments.