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Stand: D14

Address : C/ Major, 251-255
City : Vallirana
Country : Spain
Web :
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Grifería Sanitaria Rovira is a manufacturer of tap fittings (faucets) located in Barcelona. The company has been operating form 1880 in different products always related with water regulators and water control. In 1929 and later, it is centred in medium and high level products.


They have a department that is devoted to professional projects, specialised and prepared to customise, adapt and design specific products to meet every need.

Every construction project requires customisation or the creation of a tap design that combines high levels of functionality, quality and respect for the environment.

Do not hesitate to visit the stand D14 and discover the great variety and range of specialized faucet products that the company can offer you. Rovira is characterized by its commitment to innovation. Personality and exclusivity are the two characteristics that distinguish them.