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Stand: A21

Address : Av. Jaume I Nº2 - Entresuelo
City : Roses
Country : Spain
Web :

Risques & Associats is both architecture and interior design studio that includes a team of professionals from different branches of construction (architects, technical architects, interior designers, landscape designers and engineers) some of them associate members, which allow us to give a complete response to the complexity of the challenges that today affect the world of construction.

The firm has been over the years one of the most active in their area and has worked in a wide range of assignments: private and collective residences, urban hotels and resorts, urban planning, public and private facilities, urban development, commercial facilities, offices, etc.

In these years they have had the opportunity to expand their activities inside and outside the country. For several years now the firm has developed tourism, residential, commercial and office projects in Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Panama, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Arabia, Algeria and Sudan which undoubtedly has been very positive and has enriched their way of seeing and doing architecture and design.