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Stand: B27

Address : Calle Diseño 26 Nave 33-41 (Pol. Ind. Los Olivos)
City : Getafe
Country : Spain
Web :

Grupo Prosol was established in 2008 having as main business the supply and installation of solar window films. Over the years, the company has expanded its range of products in order to offer the best service to its customers, with a main focus on the hotel sector.

In 2016, they implemented Prosolstyl empowered by Cover Styl' a brand of self-adhesive vinyl coating. Their main intention is the imitations of pure materials such as for instance wood, marble, natural stone, fabrics etc. with sustainable manufacturing and reducing the over-exploitation of natural resources.

For this edition of Interihotel Barcelona 2019, Grupo Prosol presents and offers a renovation product that is characterized by being a perfect imitation of real and natural materials. More economical than the usual renovation techniques, created with resistant and durable layers, it offers a wide range of references and a guarantee of more than 10 years against wear, fade and UV rays, with an installation method: quick, easy, no odors and no noise.