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Stand: A08

Address : Ooigemstraat 3
City : Wielsbeke
Country : Belgium
Web :
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Pergo, inventor of laminate flooring, has been in the business of designing durability for 40 years. Over the years, innovative thinking has broadened their floor portfolio to include laminate, (rigid) vinyl & wood parquet flooring solutions. Pergo takes vinyl to the next level with rigid vinyl. These floors are easy to install, have low reflective sound and can be installed on an irregular subfloor.

Next to that, Pergo is the only laminate company in the world that offers water resistant floors in class 34, thanks to the AquaSafe Technology. AquaSafe creates a sealed surface - all the way down into the bevels - efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor.

As a novelty, Pergo also presents lacquered wooden floors with their StayClean Technology. The StayClean protection covers the entire facing and bevels of each plank with a water repellent coating. This makes their lacquered wood floors extra resistant to liquids and spills and prevents dirt from getting into the joints and wood texture.