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Stand: B12

Address : Grabador Esteve, 17
City : Valencia
Country : Spain
Web :
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Parèntesi Quadra proposes a collection of tailored carpets, which covers a wide range of possibilities and where you can find a variety of styles, textures, designs, fibres and shades.

The social concern for the deterioration of the natural environment has been the driver of creating articles with natural, recyclable and biodegradable fibres. Increasingly there is more public with ecological awareness, and that is why Parèntesi Quadra presents a vast collection of items made entirely of natural fibres, respectful of the environment and, in short, eco-friendly.

Sustainable items that have been made in a 100% natural and handmade way, using the most ancient techniques, with high-quality raw materials. To bet on products made with natural fibres is to distribute items with the certainty of knowing that in their production natural materials are used, pursuing the minimum environmental damage, both in their preparation, as well as subsequent packaging and distribution.

Innovation, design and sustainability, are the pillars on which the philosophy of this new collection has been built. Be sure to visit them at interihotel and discover their entire carpet collection.