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Address : Plaça Bages, 14 Bajos
City : Manresa - Barcelona
Country : Spain
Web :

Inprojeckt is a company created twelve years ago and dedicated to interior design. It encompass all types of interior design projects such as house reforms, commercial premises and highlighting especially with franchise projects.

At interihotel, Inprojeckt presents his project in the photocall of the event. It is located at the entrance of the enclosure and welcomes the exhibition area of the brands. Its design wants to attract visitors to create a memory of the event and the organizing brand.

Being one of the first decorative elements with which the visitor is going to have contact, the design exposes the corporate image of the brand and, at the same time, shows a welcoming and attractive aesthetic.

To do this, Inprojekt uses the colors of the brand, as well as natural materials with the aim of providing a close atmosphere for the visitor to approach and feel at ease.