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Stand: C29

Address : Avenida Europa 1 Nave A-11
City : Constanti Tarragona
Country : Spain
Web :

Elia is passion for wood in its most expressive and natural form. Furniture and solid wood boards from whole logs that reveal the beauty of the trees from which they originate. Exclusive pieces for projects requiring an expression of elegance using timeless material of universal beauty.

Whole trunks that can become large tables, countertops, headboards, doors, shelves or any other design that requires solid wood with the original the tree pattern. To do this, Elia has a catalogue of already processed pieces disposing of an advice service together with a selection of boards, according to client requirements, measurements, type of wood or color.

In addition, Elia is a brand with the PEFC seal, firmly committed to the responsible use of natural resources. At interihotel, it is presenting a selection of references so that the visitor can see impressive pieces in situ that connect nature with interiors.