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Stand: MA18

Address : C/ Puigmal, 5 Bajos
City : Sant Vicenç Dels Horts (Barcelona)
Country : Spain
Web : http://www.CUARTOSENTIDO.COM

Cuarto Sentido is a company dedicated to olfactory marketing, a sensory marketing technique that brings an interesting added value to a hotel client.

In the hands of expert perfumers, a particular olfactory combination can bring the spark that connects the user to a more emotional level, a certain plus that turns a stay into an experience worth remembering.

Fragrances adjusted to the visual of the hotel, that enhance great designs, that share a trend and that in some cases we consider as art.

At this interihotel edition, Cuarto Sentido will present its collection of 2019 fragrances, more than 100 fragrances designed to improve a hotel. Powerful combinations that attendees can try and, if they wish, take home.

At the same stand you can see the other side of fragrances, the less glamorous. The range of odour elimination, specific products for each problem of bad smells. Very effective and highly-valued solutions in a hotel environment.