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Stand: MA21

Address : Rue Du Tronquoy 8
City : Fernelmont
Country : Bélgica
Web :

Beal designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high-tech own brands such as Mortex coating, Beasltone system and Capilasil, among others.

Bealstone system is a continuous decorative terrazzo that can be totally customized. Its composition allows the insertion of practically any type of aggregates quartz, metal, marble, broken glass, semiprecious stones, etc. It is known for its adherence to a multitude of support, speed of setting and hardness. Bealstone system is extremely versatile and applicable in all types of spaces, public or private, interior and exterior: floors, walls, stairs, terraces, showers, furniture, etc.

The latest generation of the Bealstone system, which you can find at interihotel, can also be photoluminescent. Exposure to artificial and natural light for ten minutes makes it luminescent for eight hours, ideal for moving around in the dark.

La grande nouveauté du système Bealstone est la photoluminescence. L'exposition à la lumière artificielle et naturelle pendant dix minutes lui offre la possibilité d'être luminescente pendant huit heures, ce qui est idéale pour se déplacer dans le noir.

Le système Bealstone est extrêmement polyvalent et applicable dans tous les types d'espaces intérieurs et extérieurs : sols, murs, escaliers, terrasses, douches, meubles, etc.