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Stand: MA15

Address : Vía Augusta, 310 Local
City : Barcelona
Country : Spain
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Acoufelt is about "Making QuietTM", a new concept for interior spaces. Driving the "Acoustic FWCTM" (Floor - Wall - Ceiling) philosophy, Acoufelt proposes a range of acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces: floor, wall and ceiling.

An innovative solution that replaces the previous production commitments, allowing the use of elements that adapt to each project's aesthetics. In the first phase of the project, acoustic environments can be created that are better adapted to the needs of the space and, subsequently, to the needs of the people who will use these spaces.

Today, all professionals in the sector know that they have a legal and moral responsibility for the well-being, productivity and health of people in the spaces that are created. The "Acoustic FWCTM" philosophy looks at every surface as an opportunity to reduce noise. Acoustically, every room is a cube: a floor, four walls and a ceiling. Six internal surfaces that contribute to reflecting the noise or "Making QuietTM" in the room.