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Concept Room 3

Address : C/ San Lucas, 8
City : Madrid
Country : Spain
Web :

The objective of a-vida since it's beg had lays been to take the endless possibilities of cement a step further. It’s founders have this material embedded into their DNA, they work it with passion, artrestry and much love. Principally they make floor and wall coverings, lamps and many types of furniture for corporate and private projects. The company is well known for its capacity to innovate in the world of cement, for its original and unique headquarters in what was an abandoned railroad station from where they create and produce everything they need to further their projects. There clients have the added value of the exclusivity of their products, each one of which is handcrafted and unique from all others.

The interihotel guests will appreciate the passion and work that has gone into each one of the creations that they will encounter.