Visitors profile

  • Owners and managers of hotels and apartment hotels.
  • Purchasing managers at hotel chains.
  • Interior designers specializing in hotels and hotel chains.
  • Architects and interior designers specializing in the hotel contract sector.
  • Engineering and project managers.
  • Comprehensive (FF&E) project management companies.


Benefits for attendees:

  • The only event specializing in hotel interior design.
  • Free registration for attendees.
  • Exhibition of different fully-equipped models of hotel rooms and other hotel areas, all at a single venue.
  • A large number of exhibitors at InteriHotel provide a comprehensive service.
  • Exhibition of all types of products for hotel interior design: furniture, lighting, textiles, decoration, floorings, bathrooms, exteriors, etc.
  • The event enables attendees to contact different suppliers and manufacturers of products for hotel interior design in a single day.
  • A modern venue located in the innovation district of the city of Barcelona.
  • Nearby parking.
  • Great public transport connections..