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interihotel DIGITAL EDITION provides an environment for the promotion of your interior design products, without the risk of cancellations or limited attendance due to the pandemic, and attended by the high quality visitors that have distinguished our events over the last five years.

We have created an experience that will inspire the people and brands that define hotel interior design. A space which promotes networking and the building of relationships between brands, industry influencers and promoters, thanks to a digital environment that makes it easier for professionals to connect, in a very natural way.

As a brand, you will have your own space: no avatars, no robots, only professionals and products. A showroom where you can display your featured products within a set environment, along with your catalogue. Here, your sales representatives can arrange face-to-face meetings with visitors in real time without having to leave your space. We will inform you regarding all of the people who have visited you, even if you have not had a meeting with them. We guarantee you a minimum of 50 leads.

And, as in previous editions, we will have the best content available in order to attract visits from top professionals and to provide greater visibility for your brand (*):

  • Concept Rooms Inspired by hotel chains and designed by prestigious industry influencers, these rooms allow you to display your products by way of product placement in an immersive environment featuring a recreation of scenes. In addition, you will be able to present your brand to participating architecture firms. Available only for reservations made before November 30, 2020.
  • International mission of industry influencers and purchasing managers. Previous editions have featured 6 of the top 10 studios worldwide. Some of them will be with us again, others will be particpating for the first time. There are three regions to choose from: USA, South Africa, Mexico, the Spanish Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Conferences of architects, interior designers and hotel groups, featuring round table discussions in which you can participate and gain visibility.

(*) Participation in the Concept Rooms with product placement, and participation in conference round table discussions and the international mission is reserved for members of the CENFIM cluster.

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