“Hotel design trends in Latin America. Challenges and opportunities for European brands”

“Rethinking hotels from the perspective of sustainability, technology and guest experience”

In this session, presented by CODIC-affiliated designers, they will discuss how to rethink hotels with our speakers, licensed interior designers with years of experience, who will give us ideas and solutions for the future of these hotels. Based on experience and/or projects that are designed to convert a specific building into a hotel, or new construction hotels.

ILMIODESIGN is a creative studio focused on all aspects of the world of design, created after a meeting between Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani in 2009, two Italians and graduates from the Polytechnic University of Milan. At InteriHotel they will present a conceptualisation of a hotel room with a retro feel. They believe that luxury lies in the colour and for this reason they play with different shapes that don’t leave the visitor feeling indifferent. The stand that they will present at InteriHotel will be 100% made-to-measure by the studio, from the design of the decorative lighting, to the furniture, and even the graphics of the flooring.

Main zones of hotel development and unique projects in Morocco. Positioning strategies for European brands

“Hotel Axel Madrid and its gastronomic spaces: Las chicas, los chicos y sus maniquís”, a case study by Natali Canas.

The design of Hotel Axel located on Madrid’s Calle Atocha, superimposes a series of historical references, creating a complex and explosive layout.  The main goal was to create a hotel with an air of liberation and diversion, with a degree of disruption which invites all types of crowds to enjoy its gastronomic offering in its common areas.

“Trends and new business models in hospitality”, presentation by Pepa Casado.

The hotel sector has undergone huge changes in recent years. Lifestyles and tourism tendencies have fragmented the profile of the modern traveller. New styles of understanding how to discover new places, nomadism and new work models have generated new demands for the hotel sector. As a result, a multitude of news ways of understanding this space have emerged. In this discussion panel we will talk about success stories around the world, trends for the upcoming years and what challenges will be facing the sector.

“Overcoming trends: How to create timeless interior design”, a talk (in English) by Lori Pinkerton-Rolet.

Overcoming trends, or how to create timeless hotel interiors – this is what Lori Pinkerton-Rolet puts forward at InteriHotel Barcelona 2018. In this presentation she will reveal the origins of interior design trends and will analyse what time really means, as well as look over what elements are important when creating future timeless interiors.

“What will the hotel tourist look for in 2020? Knowing the user is the key to success”, talk by Manuel Torres.

In this talk, Manuel Torres will explain to us his view of the future of the Hospitality sector through his international projects and personal experience, and what he has learnt from this. Ultimately, he will help us to make better decisions based on an analysis of the current market situation and of future trends in order to make our design and business successful faced with a traveller who is increasingly more demanding.

“Hotel Aitana, Room Mate (Amsterdam). A new concept of hotel”, a case study by Tomás Alía.

Aitana’s design is based on a glass façade built on an artificial island on the IJ, next to the new Palace of Justice, the Central Station and very close to Dam Square, the historical centre of the city. It creates another way of living, providing different experiences through its design that goes far beyond accommodation. You can access its marina, which boasts 60 moorings for pleasure boats, from which you can enter the hotel and check in, or enjoy the numerous possibilities that the hotel has to offer, such as dine in its restaurant, have a drink in one of its various lounges or relax in one of its different types of room, each with a unique design inspired by culture, architecture, craftsmanship, society, subcultures of the city of canals and Holland in general.

“When interior design provides value to a hotel, and when it doesn’t”, a talk by Eulogio Bordas.

During this session, Eulogio Bordas will reveal 17 tips, based on his extensive experience, for hotels interior designs to be highly appreciated by both investors and customers and assure a solid business success for the professionals who conceive, design and install the interior designs.

“Renovation vs adaptation in hospitality. Cases studies and conceptual differences”, a case study with Jordi Canora y Genís Solé.

In this session, the speakers will present different cases of renovating and adapting a space. They will explain that renovation is improving a space while maintaining the regular use of the space (such as, for example, RAUXA SHOW, H.C. ROYAL BÁVARO, H.C. RIVIERA MAYA REST. BELOVED.). Adaptation is understood as the improvement of a space and adding new uses relating to market demand (PROJ. HOST&CO, PROJECTE CAMPINGS, as examples).

“The hotel room of the future and its innovations”, a talk by Gilly Craft.

In this talk, Gilly Craft will invite us to reflect on how hotel bedrooms will be in the future in terms of design and innovations, and how they will become a reality during the next decade.