InteriHotel Barcelona announces two awards each year: one for innovation among its exhibitors and another to the best blog entry about hotel interior design. As a novelty in this 2018 edition, it also announces the award for the best interior design among the participating exhibiting brands.

Year after year, InteriHotel awards a prize focused on promoting innovation in hotel interior design products. The award is given to the exhibitor that presents the most innovative contract-hospitality product. In the last edition in 2016, for example, the jury - composed by Roger Calleja, Director of Innovation of the Gremi d'Hotels of Barcelona, Juan Mellen, Director of RED-AEDE, Spanish Design Companies Meeting, Jordi Ginabreda, the Board of Directors of the ADP-Associació de Dissenyadors Professionals, and Joaquim Solana, Director of CENFIM (organizer of InteriHotel) – awarded the brand Zennio, for the IWAC Display, a customizable hotel access control system that identifies guests accessing rooms or communal areas using an NFC card, allowing or refusing access depending on the permits assigned.

On the other hand, seen the importance that InteriHotel gives to hotel interior design, a prize is awarded that recognizes the work of those bloggers who are dedicated to write on this topic. It’s the award to the best blog article on hotel interior design, that in the last edition was given to PF1 Interiorismo with the entry titled “The Isla Pancha lighthouse: living in the shoes of a lighthouse keeper",based on their interior design project of the Isla Pancha Lighthouse, in Ribadeo, which involved reconverting this space originally intended for other uses in a charming hotel.

Finally and as a novelty this year 2018, InteriHotel announces the award for the best interior design among its exhibitors. All brands participate in this call: the jury will go through all the stands to rate them according to the following evaluation criteria: originality of the proposal, adaptation to the type of space (room, lobby, restaurant, cafeteria, bathroom .. .) of hotel, level of integration of products of different types, aesthetic quality of the set and functionality of the designed space.