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Fecha y hora (CET): 18-02-2021 11:00
Idioma actividad: EN

Bill Bensley will explore one of the projects closest to his heart, Shinta Mani Wild, and call other designers and hoteliers to action, as design, sustainability and hospitality can and must go hand in hand.

A 15 tent luxury camp at the heart of the Cambodian jungle, Shinta Mani Wild plays a vital role in protecting a small part of Cardamom National Park, and Bill considers it "the culmination of my life's work, taking everything I have learnt about hotel design in 35 years to create a GREAT series of experiences... it is my dream hotel, from the zipline check-in, to the immersion in one of the last great wildernesses of South East Asia, and the conservation efforts at its heart." Tune in to find out more...