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Fecha y hora (CET): 15-02-2021 15:00
Idioma actividad: EN

Located in Madrid’s Centro Canalejas, the Four Seasons Hotel is an exquisite link between past and present; a symbol of a city that continually adapts to the passing of time, with history tied beautifully to present. In reviving this historic destination, seven buildings have been carefully restored and connected to create a common identity while preserving the varied architectural styles. The criterion governing the project was to respect everything of historical or artistic value and complement with contemporary elegance that melds with the historic. For the interiors, we were inspired by the site’s history, but knew we could not rest there; we had to bring the hotel into the present. Tune in to explore with us our realization for the new icon of Madrid, a space of ccontemporary classicism and youthful vibrancy, with authentic Spanish flair.