InteriHOTEL 2017, 25 -27 Oct - Barcelona

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InteriHOTEL announces two awards: one to innovation among its exhibitors and another to the best blog entry about hotel interior design.

Year after year, InteriHOTEL awards a prize focused on promoting innovation in hotel interior design products.

The award is given to the exhibitor that presents the most innovative contract-hospitality product. In the last edition in 2016, for example, the jury - composed by Roger Calleja, Director of Innovation of the Gremi d'Hotels of Barcelona, Juan Mellen, Director of RED-AEDE, Spanish Design Companies Meeting, Susana Cots, the Board of Directors of the ADP-Associaci√≥ de Dissenyadors Professionals, Ricardo Guasch, coordinator of ELISAVA's masters and postgraduates area and Director of the Master of Hotel Design and New Hosteling, and Joaquim Solana, Director of CENFIM (organizer of InteriHOTEL) ‚Äď awarded the brand Simon, for its intelligent switch Simon 100, a switch designed to facilitate its connectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), system that allows the activation of devices in a smart home through, for example, the remote control or using a specific app. It is designed to be installed in the traditional way, so it‚Äôs possible to take advantage of existing installations. In addition, the developed system allows the growth of the IoT installation in a modular way, from a first gateway device, which acts as the center of the system. This technological innovation has been carried out simultaneously with a formal review of the traditional switch design. An analysis of the user's behavior has facilitated the design of a very natural use by hand, for both the push-button and the current regulator, both integrated in the same keypad.

On the other hand, seen the importance that InteriHOTEL gives to hotel interior design, a prize is awarded that recognizes the work of those bloggers who are dedicated to write on this topic. It’s the award to the best blog article on hotel interior design, that in the last edition was given to the entry titled "Accessibility VS decoration" from the blog "Silleros viajeros", where the author talks about integrating accessibility and design in hotels, tourist apartments and restaurants.